High Secuirty Double Stainless Steel Carabiner Hooks Tool Coiled Lanyard Hot Green Color

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High Secuirty Double Stainless Steel Carabiner Hooks Tool Coiled Lanyard Hot Green Color
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Material: TPU, stainless steel

Cable size: 2.0mm dia, 1.5/1.8/2.0mm also suitable

Cord size: 5.0mm dia, 28mm coil dia, 110mm coil length

Stretchable length: 1.3 meter

Color: transparent green coated

Accessory: alumium crimp 2pcs, black sleeve 2pcs

End fitting: SS#304 carabiner snap hook 2pcs



Eco-friendly: Eco-friendly strong PU material,light-weight polyurethane tubing

Mluti-use: Fantastic and best leash/tether for securing any tools, rods, scuba diving and all other you don’t want to drop

Anti-drop: Prevents valuable items from being lost, broken or becoming a falling hazard

DIY end: Ends are plastic/metal clips/hooks that can be clipped onto tools, rods, reels, cameras, pistols, etc.

Strong: Coil has an excellent memory and returns back to a small tight coil after use

Durable: Coil is thicker, stronger, durable, long-standing, no fade, long life time, kink and abrasion resistant

Advantage: Fashion design, beautiful look, comfortable feel

OEM: Various of styles, sizes, colors are available

Application: Seuring valuable items, like hand tools, fishing gears, cell phone, hard hats, cameras,radios and other objects which need protection.

China price: Any high-standard coil lanyard is welcome here, top quality with reasonable factory price.


Cable Details:

Standard stainless steel wire cable.

Cable Material: Features / How to choose

stainless steel #304 / #316 good strength, best corrosion resistance

galvanized steel / zinc coated carbon steel higher break strength, some corrosion resistance

Cable Daimeter(mm) Construction Weight (100m/kg)  Mini Breaking Load(kg)
1.0mm 1*19 0.495 95
1.0mm 7*7 0.393 65
1.2mm 1*19 0.713 144
1.2mm 7*7 0.566 95
1.5mm 1*19 1.114 220
1.5mm 7*7 0.884 150
1.8mm 1*19 1.604 320
1.8mm 7*7 1.273 210
2.0mm 1*19 1.98 390
2.0mm 7*7 1.527 265
2.4mm 1*19 2.851 565
2.4mm 7*7 2.264 380
2.5mm 1*19 3.094 610
2.5mm 7*7 2.381 410
3.2mm 7*7 4.024 685
3.2mm 7*19 3.901 680
3.8mm 7*7 5.675 965
3.8mm 7*19 5.502 960
4.0mm 7*19 6.609 1250
4.2mm 7*7 6.933 1300
4.5mm 7*7 7.958 1350
4.8mm 7*19 8.778 1530
6.0mm 7*19 8.716 2390


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